Property Construction

The Construction management system is fully implemented onto SAP Business One, the leading ERP system for small to midsized companies and handles construction projects both from an entrepreneur and construction companies' point of view, while monitoring all the activities related to the project along with its financial issues.

The construction module enables you to define various reductions such as advanced payments and liens and issue execution reports and partial and final accounts. The budgetary control module enables to monitor different levels of activities and provide forecasts on deviation

Key Features

  • Handle article libraries and pricelists
  • Divide projects into subprojects containing the various bills of quantity
  • Carry out assessments related to the bill of quantity to eventually form the project's final bill.
  • Handle tenders based on the various subprojects bills of quantity and send it to the allocated contractors in a closed format (only to enter the unit's price)and run a bid offer comparison.
  • Handle the project's budget and budgetary control through generated report cuts.
  • Handle the project's timetables and activities and issue Gantt reports.
  • Define a round of approval to approve payments and purchase orders.
  • Quality grading of the contractor's timetable schedules and execution.