Manufacturing / Assembly

Industrial enterprises today need to survive in a market that is subject to ever-increasing and changing requirements, both on a national and an international level. This makes flexibility key – not just as a catch phrase but as a necessary reality. This is particularly true for small and mid-sized manufacturers. In this kind of market, the ability to adapt rapidly to new manufacturing operations becomes a decisive competitive advantage. Frequently, orders currently being produced must be adapted to different conditions, by adding either BOM items or production steps.

Companies that want their success to be future-proof require a fully integrated, flexible, end-to-end IT solution that is highly responsive and guarantees access to all of the latest and most important information and operational as well as key performance statistics. It needs to provide total cost transparency - at any time and at any stage of production - and allow you to compare differing production process variations as well as the resulting profits, even as early as the bidding stage. SAP Business One delivers a cost-effective, compact enterprise solution for small and midsized manufacturing companies with anywhere from 2 to 250 employees.

SAP Business One supports a wide range of manufacturing methods:

  • Single-unit and small-batch manufacturing
  • Make-to-order manufacturing
  • Mixed-mode manufacturing
  • Batch manufacturing