SAP Operation Tips

Relationship Map Reveals Useful Data

Behind Every User-Code Stands Name

Created a Form? Add Authorization!

Deactivate Irrelevant UoMs In A Group

Service Calls and Contracts Now in Print

Especially for you, General Overview

Need a hint? It's in the Quick View

Every Transaction Has a Story

Copy to? It's in the List View!

Assign QR Codes to Marketing Docs

Resize your User-Forms Automatically

One Equipment Card - Multiple BPs

Allowing UDFs in Document Rows

List Views Cover UDFs, UDTs & UDOs

Every Tab Deserves an Authorization

Vertical or Horizontal? It's your choice

Approvers Can Update Pending Drafts

Like The View? Save It!

It's Time for Conversation Cleanup

Share Search Results by E-Mail

Optimize Your Screen Real Estate

Adapt Filters. Get The Data You Need

Get Account/BP Details in Fin. Reports

For Your Eyes Only: Set Font & UI Style

Edit Due Date in A/P & A/R Invoices

Notification Preview. Your New Feed

Flexible Default for "Valid Until" Date

If You Like It, Save It as a Tile

Add and... New, View, or Close?

Discover The Lists That Save You Time

News About Referenced Documents

When Ship-To Is Also A Bill-To Address 

Show Item or BoM? It's Up To You

Take Actions in List View. It Saves Time

Posting Periods News for the New Year

Let The Tiles Tell You The Details

Attachments are Everywhere (Almost)

Feel at Home in Your Home Page

The Future is Here! B1 10.0 is Available!

Be Positive - Block Negative Inventory

Better Safe Than Sorry - Lock Your B1

Zoom into Your Business Assessment

Set Your Translation in Crystal Layouts

Optimizing the Payment Wizard Run

Update Address ID? It's Your Call