Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for existing SAP Business One Users 

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I have heard SAP is for Large Enterprises only, is this true? 

This is false. SAP Business One was created specifically for small businesses and midsize companies — which make up more than 65 percent of SAP's customers worldwide. 

I have heard SAP is expensive, is this true? 

This is false. As SAP Business One is designed for small and midsize businesses, affordability is a key component of this software solution. You’re not trying to adapt an expensive enterprise-scale solution, you receive a total solution already scaled to meet your needs and your budget. You can focus your new system where you can achieve the most immediate impact and return. 

How does licensing work? 

SAP Business One is an integrated business solution (set) that is not sold on a per module basis but rather as named user licenses. For example, your top license – Professional License, which can potentially do anything on the system, can be configured for Administration, Financials, Sale Opportunities, Sales- Accounts Receivable, Purchasing – Accounts Payable, Business Partner, Banking, Inventory, Production, MRP, Service, HR and Reports. In the system setup we define the functional areas that do not apply and we simply turn those components off. System performance and maintenance are not affected. 

What is Drag & Relate? 

Drag & Relate allows users to drag information from disparate data sources, link them on the desktop, and drill down into detailed information. This close data integration opens up new dimensions in data analysis. 

Does SAP Business One have internal alerts? 

SAP Business One provides customisable internal alert management that provides the information that is important to you via SAP Business One messaging, email, and more. 

What is EDI? 

EDI is an abbreviation for Electronic Data Interchange, which means to exchange information electronically, particularly in order issuing/receiving work. Usually it is a third party application developed externally, and with the SDK it is possible to connect to a third party application like an EDI system and bring the info into SAP Business One. 

How long does implementation normally take? 

Each company’s goals and requirements vary; therefore the implementation time for companies varies. In the project planning phase the implementation timeline will be published as part of the project plan. Each project has targeted delivery dates to which the project team is held accountable. A client can effectively reduce the time for getting the system into production by documenting and defining business processes, limiting non-essential customisation and modifications in the initial deployment stage, honour client resource commitments and empower a System Champion to manage the client’s decision process. Our goal is to deliver a quality implementation into production in the least amount of time. Our typical implementations run between two to three calendar months. 

How do you train someone on SAP Business One after it has been implemented? 

As user training is a standard service provided as a part of the solution implementation, we train people on the specific business process required to do their job. Some organisations have specialised processes and our training methodology allows for a quick uptake in the knowledge of the product and the specific processes required. We also offer formal training along with certification as a training option separate from the solution implementation. To find out more click here.

Can I install SAP Business One myself?  

We do not recommend implementing SAP Business One without the services of a certified SAP Business One Consultant who follows a strict implementation methodology. The setup of SAP Business One requires knowledge of the administration parameters and inter-process dependencies only an experienced and certified SAP Business One Consultant will have.

We understand that SAP Business One will be a mission critical system for your company. That is why we maintain our product certifications and hold our implementation methodology to high standards. Our clients' businesses cannot afford an interruption caused by not having access to mission critical information. Our implementation methodology leverages the client staff as part of the project team where practical. Combining company and industry knowledge with SAP Business One expertise, we form an ideal project team to deploy a solution of high quality in a timely fashion.

The investment made in engaging 4most to implement SAP Business One will give you the opportunity to focus on what you do best – running your business.