The Intercompany.pdf add-on acts as a link between two or more companies - allowing seamless synchronisation between them by linking documents, alerts and messaging. This may be useful as a means for Subsidiary or Branch Integration such as when two companies are working closely together, and are looking for further functionality to increase their efficiency for interaction with each other.

Small businesses, which use SAP Business One, often consists of more than one legal entity.

These groups of companies need to

  • Share common business data
  • Run standardised and transparent business processes across companies
  • Have an overview over operations across the group
  • Improve control and collaboration beyond company borders

Integrated with SAP Business One, the Intercompany add-on links two (or more) company databases and interacts with each other saving time and costs by eliminating the need for manual entry of data into each company database.


  • Eliminates the need to re-type information between companies
  • Eliminates the time consuming activity of communication between the two parties
  • Eliminates costly mistakes and errors between documents. As the application works online there is also instantaneous transaction processing with no user interaction required
  • Offers a diverse range of pre-defined scenarios
  • Offers the possibility to apply bespoke changes
  • Easy to use for the end-user customer
  • Easy to learn for partners and consultant