The Integration.pdf Framework of SAP Business One is the official name for the middle-ware that enables SAP Business One to publish or send data to external systems, and to consume or access data from external data providers across different system environments using standard protocols.

The integration framework is the common infrastructure platform for running all integration products for SAP Business One including:

  • Intercompany integration solution for integrating to other SAP Business One systems as a subsidiary or headquarters system
  • SAP Business One integration for SAP NetWeaver for integrating SAP Business One as a subsidiary to SAP ERP

The integration framework is also the underlying platform for connecting mobile devices, for using SAP Crystal dashboards in SAP Business One, and for connecting a company to the Ariba Network as a buyer or seller. Additionally, the integration framework includes built-in development tools that partners can use to extend and integrate SAP Business One with external applications, Web services, other SQL databases and file systems.

Scenario packages implement the end-to-end business logic on top of the integration framework middle-ware. They are easily plugged into the integration framework where they can take advantage of the flow control and error-handling functions of the integration model as well as the transactional control and security provided by the platform.