Equipment Rent

A Complete Equipment Rental.pdf Management Solution, which offers a structured approach to quoting and rental contract creation, that flows through to equipment dispatch, return and variance control. Invoicing flexibility allows for details real-time cost and profit analysis at the click of a button.

The key features of Eralis Equipment Rental Management for SAP Business One include:

  • Reduce complexity with a structured approach to quoting and rental contract creation
  • Centralise data in a single system
  • Increase efficiency with streamlined workflows
  • Access real-time visibility for faster, more informed decision making
  • Enhance accountability with tracking of unreturned equipment, and flexibility for additional billing or stock adjustments as required
  • Detailed quoting capability allows tracking of all costs, potential revenue and profit associated with equipment rental for a given job
  • Historical data on rental inventory provides visibility of your most profitable rental lines and opportunity cost of having unrented items
  • Easily access up-to-the-minute information to plan pre-allocate and deliver rented items to agreed schedules
  • Multiple dispatches and returns cater perfectly to larger projects
  • Complete control over invoicing, down to frequency and individual invoice amount for more complex rental contracts
  • Billing and cost accrual can be independently suspended if necessary
  • Efficient receipt of equipment back into stock
  • Finalise rental transactions on the agreement
  • Return stock quantities are determined by the user for ultimate accuracy and accountability