Customer Checkout

SAP Customer Checkout.pdf covers all common point of sale requirements that you need for a fan shop or retail store. From sales to discount campaigns, SAP Customer Checkout gives your sales staff all the information they need. Customers can pay in cash, with standard EC and credit cards, or vouchers – either at stationary cash registers or via staff members’ hand-held tablet PCs. Special offers like discounts, loyalty cards, and apps are easy to integrate in your point of sale application.

Customer Checkout Helps You With: 

  • Merchandise sales and returns
  • Cashing up and daily accounts
  • Discount and voucher management
  • Payment with cash, cards, and vouchers
  • Integration of customer orders (down payments, invoices)

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful JAVA PoS solution
  • Simple usage
  • Web-based interface
  • Largely independent of specific industries and hardware
  • Offline capability
  • Simple installation
  • Preconfigured
  • Device integration
  • Supplementary plug-ins for special requirements
  • Analyse point of sale data in real time
  • Generation of up-to-minute reports at the push of a button
  • Automatic maintenance and updates

Functional Overview:

  • Sale of Articles
  • Stock Overview
  • Integration of customer profiles – personalised sales
  • Support of Sales returns
  • Management of customer orders, down payments , paid down payments and invoices
  • Day-end closing
  • Discount management
  • Central Voucher Management/ Gift Cards
  • Payment via Cash, Credit Cards, Vouches or Partial Payment
  • Cash-in/ Cash-out Transactions
  • Real-time integration into back-end systems
  • Master Data integration with SAP