January 2024

How to Get the Most Out of This Transformative Moment for Business Technology If 2023 was the year when generative artificial intelligence (AI) finally became a consumer reality, this will be the year when AI in a business context takes a big step forward. There is simply no doubt that more and more companies will adopt business AI this year as a key part of their digital transformations and to future proof their operations. But to look at AI alone is to miss the bigger picture of this generational shift in enterprise technology. While AI may get all of the attention, this is actually a moment when two transformative technologies for business are converging. On one side there is the awesome power of the cloud, which allows businesses to break down silos so their teams can access the data they need to innovate faster and in a more secure environment. Blog by Scott Russell, Courtesy of SAP News Center. https://news.sap.com/2024/01/ai-transformative-moment-business-technology/

Is Supply Chain Innovation Even Possible in an Era of Tighter Regulation? The world is experiencing a new, tougher business environment. Trade tensions, wars, climate change, and countless other disruptions are putting the brakes on a long and steady period of globalization. Given this growing uncertainty, companies must reconfigure global supply chains to improve their resilience.
Business leaders might assume that more regulation in such a volatile environment would hinder the innovation they require most at this time. However, we will argue smart and balanced regulation can serve as a catalyst for transformation.
Blog by Anahita Thoms, Thomas Saueressig, Courtesy of SAP News Center. https://news.sap.com/2024/01/is-supply-chain-innovation-possible-era-tighter-regulation/

The financial close: Top 5 challenges for midmarket companies Financial close is a process long associated with tedious, error-prone tasks, underpinned by intense pressure to close the books as fast as humanly possible. And while crucial business decisions often hang in the balance, the financial statements and reports that they hinge on are only as good as their accuracy and reliability. Today, midmarket companies face intense competition and must be able to pivot and adapt their business models at a rapid pace. Efficient and dependable financial close processes help bring confidence and speed to corporate planning and decision-making – and help investors and shareholders to recognize a good thing when they see it.
Courtesy of SAP Insights. https://www.sap.com/insights/financial-close-challenges.html

Support Portal We provide our clients with a custom developed Service Call Management Functionality also known as a Support Portal. This allows our clients to log service calls simply and conveniently online at any time, track accurate, timely and conclusive updates on the progress and status of their service call and more. This is a transparent, incorruptible means of communication, not limited by business hours! If you are a client of ours, you can login with your username and password here. The Support Portal offers a convenient web based system which enables you to:
* Log your service calls, simply and conveniently, online at anytime
* Update against the open issues
* Attach supporting documents to your logged call
* Track accurate, timely and conclusive updates on the progress and status of your service call
* View the progress and status of all of your company's logged issues
* Regain control of the level of issues logged. 

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