November 2023

Time Management: The Symphony of Productivity in a Chaotic World In a world that never sleeps, where tasks pile up faster than we can tackle them, the art of time management emerges as the modern-day elixir. Ever found yourself wishing for more hours in a day? Or perhaps you've marvelled at how some people seem to get so much done in the same 24 hours we all have? Time seems like an elusive entity that always seems to slip through our fingers just when we need it most.
By Martin Orton, Courtesy of The Orton Weekly.

Supply Chain Issues Keeping CEOs Up at Night Building risk-resilient supply chains is one of the top issues CEOs are discussing on earning calls and in board rooms around the globe. The issue has gone from one priority among many to business critical. And CEOs are no longer just pursuing lower costs, shorter lead times, and higher quality.

Instead, they are recognizing the need to resolve supply chain disruptions in an integrated way, bridging the silos of various functions and going beyond dealing with supply chain disruptions as they occur. 
Blog by Thomas Saueressig, SAP News Center.

16 Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals: A Blueprint for Success (Part 2) Welcome to part 2 of our full-scale review of the world of effective goal-setting. In our previous segment, we explored the intricacies of setting objectives, from traditional pen-and-paper methods to the significance of clear action verbs. As we continue our journey, we'll delve into the essence of consistent effort, the transformative power of visualisation, and the strategies to maintain focus before diving into tasks. By Martin Orton, Courtesy of The Orton Weekly.

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