June 2023

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1. Comparison of SAP HANA installations: On-Premise vs. Cloud Installation

2. Putting the “Real” in Real-Time Support

3. Important Notice

4. Dynamic Teams: How to Optimize the Outcomes of Increasingly Fluid Work Experiences

5. 4most Support Portal and Client Care Centre

4most Support Portal and Client Care Centre https://www.smbsolutions.com.au/how-to-restore-your-business-after-a-cyber-attack/

 Comparison of SAP HANA installations: On-Premise vs. Cloud Installation Introduction: SAP HANA is a popular in-memory computing platform that provides real-time analytics, data processing, and application development capabilities. When implementing SAP HANA, organizations have the option to choose between on-premise installations and cloud-based deployments. This article compares and contrasts the advantages and disadvantages of both on-premise and cloud installations of SAP HANA to help organizations make informed decisions based on their specific needs and requirements. By Carlos Goetz, Senior Industrial Ops. Eng.|Capgemini Engeeniring|SAP System Admin. Upgrades/Patching Monitoring Performance Landscape Management. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/comparison-sap-hana-installations-on-premise-vs-cloud-carlos-goetz/

Putting the “Real” in Real-Time Support In today’s corporate environments, companies rely on automation to make always-on a reality.
“At SAP and our Real-Time Support channels, support engineers are in the driver’s seat to provide this experience,” states Becky Doyle, global vice president and head of Product Support – People at SAP, the organization that supports human experience management (HXM) solutions from SAP, including SAP SuccessFactors solutions. “Putting the ‘real’ in Real-Time Support is key as we continue to move into the future of how we help our customers, especially in the cloud solution world.” By Regina Postman, Courtesy of SAP News Center. https://news.sap.com/2023/06/putting-the-real-in-real-time-support/

Important Notice We would like to clarify that Windows 11 is now compatible from SAP Business One Version 10 Patch level 10 and above. It is crucial to note that all versions below this patch level are still incompatible with Windows 11. If you are considering upgrading to Windows 11, please ensure that you first upgrade SAP Business One to Version 10 Patch Level 10. At 4Most Systems, we prioritize delivering a seamless user experience and ensuring the stability of our systems. As such, we highly advise against using or upgrading to Windows 11 if your SAP Business One version is below Version 10, Patch Level 10. Our aim is to prevent any potential known or unknown issues that may arise from an incompatible configuration. It is important to mention that SAP has not yet certified Windows 11 as a client workstation operating system for SAP Business One 10.0. Until SAP announces official support for SAP Business One on Windows 11, and we successfully upgrade to the approved Feature Pack, we recommend refraining from installing Windows 11. If, however, you have already installed Windows 11, we want to make you aware that you may encounter issues that 4Most Systems will not be able resolve and SAP’s response will be to upgrade. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we prioritize the compatibility and stability of your systems. Our team is actively monitoring developments related to Windows 11 compatibility and will provide updates as soon as SAP certifies Windows 11 as a client workstation operating system for SAP Business One. Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth transition for your business.

Dynamic Teams: How to Optimize the Outcomes of Increasingly Fluid Work Experiences While it’s true that initial discomfort nearly always appears in the pursuit of growth, embracing new perspectives and skills can ultimately lead to better work and more strategic outcomes when executed effectively. The concept of working in cross-functional, self-managed teams – or what we call “dynamic teams” – is a reality for most employees. In our SAP SuccessFactors global study, we found well over three-fourths (82%) of respondents have participated in a dynamic team more than once, and 64% are engaged in multiple dynamic teams simultaneously.
Despite being created out of necessity, dynamic teams can be either a culture shift or a culture shock. Our research shows that fewer than one-quarter (20%) of employees are satisfied with these experiences and only 36% of managers are motivated to encourage direct reports to participate in a dynamic team in the future. Surveyed managers want clear expectations for their employees’ involvement, real-time updates on challenges and progress, and awareness of skills acquired through the dynamic team experience.
By Meg Bear, Courtesy of SAP News Centre. https://news.sap.com/2023/06/dynamic-teams-optimize-fluid-work-experiences/

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