February 2023

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1. Making change happen with Tracy Bolton

2. SAP Business One Tip of the Week

3. 6 Potential Long-Term Impacts of a Data Breach

4. Public Cloud: The Possibilities Every Midsize Company Should Know

6 Reasons to adopt Cloud ERP in 2023 So it is no surprise that many small and large companies have begun to move away from on-premise ERP systems and towards cloud-based ERP solutions to reduce costs and boost productivity. As we hurtle down toward 2023, it’s becoming increasingly clear that businesses choose to automate as many tasks as possible and retain human intervention solely for procedures that require critical thinking. Cloud-based ERP systems have multiple advantages over on-premise systems, like lower total cost of ownership, as there is no necessity to buy hardware equipment. In addition to other various benefits.
By Ziv Benzvi. Courtesy of Priority Software. https://www.priority-software.com/blog/reasons-adopt-cloud-erp/ 

Basics of Cybersecurity: Exploit vs. Vulnerability The first step towards understanding cybersecurity is knowing basic terms like bugs, vulnerabilities, and exploits.
A bug is a software error that causes systems to function unwantedly. Software vulnerabilities are bugs that hackers can use to launch a cyberattack, whereas an exploit is a malicious code used to take advantage of the vulnerability. Let’s understand software vulnerabilities and exploits in detail, their differences, and how businesses can secure their IT systems from these security issues. Courtesy of SMB Solutions. https://www.smbsolutions.com.au/basics-of-cybersecurity-exploit-vs-vulnerability/?doing_wp_cron=1709632117.7124121189117431640625

Cross-Tabs and Two Line Charts in Crystal Reports In our last newsletter, we made a chart for a single variable in Crystal Reports, but what if I wanted two variables? What if I wanted to see sales orders and invoices to visualize the gap? Let's make a report to cover both using another exciting feature of Crystal reports: cross-tab reports. I assume you've read the last post on single-line charts, so I'll skip over a few things and highlight the differences in reports. By Steven Lipton - CIO Scientific Device Laboratory, Author and Speaker on creativity, iOS, watchOS, and SAP Business One. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cross-tabs-two-line-charts-crystal-reports-steven-lipton/?trackingId=jJs2CWl0SViO0g26ssi6ag%3D%3D

How to Perform Year-End Closing in SAP Business One This document provides customers and partners with help in carrying out their year-end closing and demonstrates how SAP Business One can support the individual steps of the year-end closing process. The procedures described in this document do not guarantee the accuracy of the content or the completeness of the year-end closing. You are responsible for carrying out all the appropriate operations and providing the appropriate documentation to ensure accuracy.
Courtesy of SAP. https://help.sap.com/doc/69fcb4ec91014795b9a4fe883c9d41a2/10.0/en-US/Year_End_Closing_B1_10.0_EN.pdf

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