October 2023

A Deeper Look Into How SAP Datasphere Enables a Business Data Fabric With the unified experience of SAP Datasphere for data integration, data cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, data federation, and data virtualization data, professionals can now easily distribute mission-critical business data — with business context and logic preserved — across their organization’s data landscape. SAP Datasphere is the next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, but with new capabilities that enhance data discovery, modeling, and distribution. This includes a new data catalog that acts as a centralized repository, describing all the data and metadata, including lineage and governance, to assure data is accurate, complete, and up to date. State-of-the-art data flow capabilities allow organizations to automatically generate pipelines at enterprise scale. We also enriched the business semantic layer with advanced modeling capabilities.
By Juergen Mueller, Courtesy of SAP News Center. https://news.sap.com/2023/03/sap-datasphere-business-data-fabric/

In a Fragmented World, Technology Brings Us Together To reunite our fragmented world, we must change — both within our own four walls and beyond — and technology plays a key role in this.
Faced with strong fluctuations in supply and demand, dynamic purchasing behavior and growing pressure to innovate, companies recognize the need to become more agile and resilient. But for many, fragmented process landscapes prevent them from reacting quickly to change. Data is often stored in silos and so is not equally available to all decision-makers.
By Christian Klein, Courtesy SAP News Center. https://news.sap.com/2023/01/fragmented-world-technology-unites/

16 Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals: A Blueprint for Success (Part 1) The struggle is real! Too much work, too little time! In your journey of personal and professional development, setting clear and actionable goals is paramount. Embracing challenges by aiming high can lead to growth, even if it induces a touch of anxiety. It's essential to craft goals that are not only ambitious but also measurable, actionable, and time-bound. Whether you're jotting them down the old-fashioned way with pen and paper or visualising the desired outcome, consistency and focus are key. By Martin Orton, Courtesy of The Orton Weekly. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/16-tips-setting-achieving-goals-blueprint-success-part-martin-orton-b5ezf/?trackingId=Ipemn8DfTYiDZdjOq99uBw%3D%3D

How Industry Cloud Builds on the Past to Invent a Future Where Industries Converge and Boundaries Disappear  Reading a recent headline in Computer Weekly, “How industry cloud platforms are shaping the future of business applications,” not only brought me back to when SAP first coined the term ‘industry cloud’ in 2020, it also affirmed that we didn’t just invent the term, we defined an entire movement. Little did we know in 2020 how ubiquitous the term industry cloud would become across the business landscape, nor how prescient it would be in describing the collaborative, partnership-driven pathway to innovation that SAP, our customers, partners, and the entire business technology marketplace are taking. Blog Frank Ruland, Courtesy of SAP News Center. https://news.sap.com/2023/10/industry-cloud-future-industries-converge-boundaries-disappear/

4most Systems provides world-class, individually tailored and innovative business solutions for small, medium and large enterprises across industries and sectors. Established as an SAP Partner in 2004, we deliver ERP solutions utilising SAP Business One at the core. With offices in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia as well as a growing economic footprint in the DRC, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania, the company has a strong base, being the first and only partner to establish all-round SAP competency, offering over 30 years of experience and skills.