March 2024

The Game-Changing Role of Incentive Compensation Automation in the Retail Industry In the dynamic world of retail, staying ahead means adapting to evolving customer expectations and embracing innovative solutions. The era of omnichannel retailing has ushered in demand for seamless, personalized shopping experiences, compelling businesses to think outside the box to support seamless experiences and minimize friction by providing the right product at the right time in the right place. Moreover, recognizing the intricate dance between employee satisfaction and customer experience, businesses are weaving a narrative where a better employee experience becomes the cornerstone for elevating customer delight. At the recent NRF event, the world’s largest retail conference, the mantra of “adjust and adapt” echoed through the halls. AI and digital acceleration took the center stage, making innovation the heart of the conversation. Retailers also highlighted a crucial focus on a motivated workforce, emphasizing how an empowered workforce is critical to delivering exceptional customer experiences.
By Kevin Coxwell, Courtesy of SAP News Center.

SAP Business Network Digitalizes Procurement for VAT E-Invoicing Mandates Government mandates for e-invoicing to track VAT (Value-Added Tax) payments are one of the fastest growing trends driving the digitalization of business practices worldwide.
Following a series of directives issued during the past decade, the EU has now mandated e-invoicing for all B2G (business-to-government) procurements. The same requirements are expected to include B2B transactions in Europe as well. So far, over 100 countries including Italy, Germany, Poland, Greece, France, and Romania have enacted mandatory e-invoicing legislation, as have numerous others in Latin America and Asia. By Susan Galer, Courtesy of SAP News Center.

Sales Performance Management: Empowering Sales Teams for Better Outcomes In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need highly efficient sales teams to generate revenue and stay ahead of the competition. But while advances in AI-powered tools have accelerated the sales process, they have also increased the value of soft skills and the relationship-building acumen that talented salespeople bring to their jobs. That’s why savvy organizations are more committed than ever to keeping their sales teams engaged and productive. High-performing sales teams are using sales performance management solutions from SAP SuccessFactors to manage and optimize sales compensation and incentives – rewarding sales reps for their performance – while streamlining sales processes and using real-time insights to improve operational efficiency and drive revenue. By Jacqueline Prause, Courtesy of SAP News Center.

How to Perform Year-End in SAP Business One This document provides customers and partners with help in carrying out their year-end closing and demonstrates how SAP Business One can support the individual steps of the year-end closing process. The procedures described in this document do not guarantee the accuracy of the content or the completeness of the year-end closing. You are responsible for carrying out all the appropriate operations and providing the appropriate documentation to ensure accuracy. Courtesy of SAP.

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